Encryption of communications

All communications between your computer and OKpilot® are encrypted by the TLS protocol (https). The secure connection is indicated in your browser by the address beginning with

Application security

The OKpilot® development team follows good practices and the OWASP web application security guidelines. The application undergoes regular external audits.

OKpilot® is hosted on a dedicated server located in the Gandi SAS data center in Paris, that offers all security guarantees (CCTV surveillance, biometric access control, 24/7 monitoring, controlled atmosphere, uninterruptible power supply, fire protection). The server is protected by a firewall that only allows legitimate traffic.

The server and application are managed by a team of specialists trained in security. All users actions are logged to track suspicious behavior.


Backups of all data are made every night and stored for at least 30 days. Remote backups are made every week. The backups are encrypted during their transport and storage.


The OKpilot® publisher commits to keep user's data private: under no circumstances it will be disclosed to third parties without the company prior written agreement. Only administrators who have signed a confidentiality contract can have access to some user data during their work.

OKpilot and its checklists are protected by the provisions of the Code of intellectual property related to copyright and database producers' rights.

The user is only allowed to access the OKpilot's checklists for his/her own use. It is forbidden to copy, even partially, make commercial use or otherwise, in any form whatsoever, including reprographics, electronic duplication, put on the Internet, or in public presentation.

Only the data directly entered into OKpilot by the user belongs to her/him.


The access to OKpilot® is login/password protected. The password is private and must under no circumstance be disclosed to third parties. Passwords are encrypted in the database to prevent data theft.

Should you forget your password, you can reset it from the login page by using a link received by email. It is recommended to modify the initial password in your Profile page. Choose a strong password: at least 10 characters, one number, one letter and one special character.


OKpilot® uses cookies to keep track of the user's session. A cookie is a small text file stored by the website into the browser.

It is recommended to terminate your session after using the application, by clicking the "Disconnect" link, to prevent other people to use your account.

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